Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pop's Burgers (Fort Worth)

The Burger
Peppers, Bacon, American Cheese, Lettuce, Onion, Pickles, Mayo

I visited the location on Trail Lake. The outside of the building was pretty neat, it was made of rusted tin and old barn style wood. They had a nice patio with an outdoor bar that is open on weekends. The inside was more of a TCU shrine, it was a bit overboard. The burger I ordered came out in about 20 minutes, they call your name when it is ready. It was a very nice presentation, as you can see. The bun was toasted and it was proportional to the patty. I picked it up for a bit, the first thing I noticed was the juice that poured out of the patty, i'll get to that later. The patty was about a 1/2 pound, and it lacked in seasoning. The veggies were fresh, just was lacking pickles. The bacon was a little chewy but good. It had grilled onions, and I am a lover of them. As I finished the burger, the last bite was probably the best. The bun was soaked in the delightful juice, mixed with the cheese, mayo, and all the rest, perfect. The Patty could have been a little more moist but it was good. All in all it was a pretty good burger. 7/10 rating for me. If the patty would have been properly seasoned, the pickles were present, and the patty would have been just a bit more moist, I would have given this a 9/10.

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