Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cooper's (North Fort Worth)

 It's in a very large building across from Billy Bobs in the Stock Yards. You walk into the pit room (not where the meats are actually cooked, just for holding and show,) order your meats, take them to the next guy who cuts the meat for you with an electric slicer, you pick your sides and drinks, then pay. They do offer free beans but I passed. So I ordered spare ribs, sliced beef, and regular sausage (they offer jalapeno cheddar as well.) The brisket was moist, showing a decent ring, a very nice smoke flavor, and a very developed crust. The only complaint I have is it lacked seasonings, mainly salt. The ribs were the best I have had in the area yet, very tender and smoked perfect. This is an example of where keeping it simple with salt and pepper wins. The sausage was not anything special, just bought from a dealer and reheated, the casing was a little too crunchy for me.
I would recommend if you were in the area
6/10 (the sausage really hurt them here)
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