Friday, December 14, 2012

Cokers (Arlington, TX)

Cokers BBQ
The name really does explain it all. Decked floor to ceiling with both modern and antique coke memorabilia, early pop culture influenced this establishment.

The flow of this place goes as such: Sit down, full service. Ribs, claimed to be the best. 

I get the usual 3 meat combo (by the pound not offered here).
The sausage, of course not being house made, was okay. It was not anything to make me go back for.

The sliced beef brisket was okay, I mean it wasn't great but I ate it. It came out as grey as the sky that day, no smoke line was detectable. It tasted like meat, I mean there was no smoke to it or even a flavor at that. The fat on top was still very chewy, an obvious sign that the brisket was undercooked. 

Now these ribs that are supposed to be the states best....St. Louis style. These ribs were good, but not the best. The rub was salty and you know, that was my only complaint. They were smokey and tender, baring a nice crust. I would go back for these. 

5/10 Rating 
 If in the area, check it out.

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