Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Longoria's BBQ (Fort Worth, TX)

A red barn/house yielding some of the tastiest sausage I've come across. The sausage is made from beef brisket in house. It showed a peppery, smokey flavor. The sausage was so good, it saved them from everything else. 

The ribs were okay, nothing to boast about. They had a very nice formed crust, a nice pepper & garlic rub, and a nice smokey flavor. The thing that I had a problem with was that they were reheated and were chewy. 

The sliced beef was bland, undercooked, and just not worthy. It was grey and showed no smoke line, no formed crust, and no smoke flavor. It was very chewy as the fat had not had time to render into the meat. This as well was reheated. 

I would like to go back on a day they weren't serving these reheated meats, but I will indeed go back just for the sausage.
Rating 8/10 (Based on Sausage)
Rating with everything else included 5/10
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